Question: How does voice chat work in Apex?

2) Click More > VOICE, then make sure the microphone youre using is selected and Microphone volume is set to an audio volume. After that, in Activation mode, choose Push-to-talk. 3) Open Apex Legends, then go to Settings > AUDIO and set the Voice Chat Record Mode to Push to Talk.

How do I get my mic to work on Apex Legends?

You need to go to Settings ~> Choose Default Input Device (make sure the one you want is selected), the at the bottom click on App Volume and Device Preferences. Once there, make sure your input for Apex Legends is set to your desired Microphone.

What does disable voice chat mean?

Like Fortnite, you simply go to the settings menu, navigate to Audio, and then select Disable Voice Chat as On. This will still allow players to communicate via the in-game ping system, and the characters in the game will still speak their lines. This only disables player to player voice chat. View fullsize.

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