Question: How are salary arrears calculated?

In payroll terms, arrears are basically increments of salary carried over to the month of payment from the last. Calculate the amount from the end of the previous month up to the appropriate arrears date. Subtract the amount that you have already paid until the arrears effective date.

How do you calculate salary arrears in Excel?

Example17,000 X the total number of unpaid months.(17,000 – 10,000) X the total number of partly paid months.Go to Ribbon -> View -> Click on “Freeze Panes”Net Salary/Revised Net Salary = Total Gross Salary – Total Deductions.

How is DA calculated in salary?

The current rate of Dearness allowance multiply with your basic salary is Dearness allowance. For example, the existing rate of percentage is 12%, if your basic salary is Rs. 49000. The DA is (49000 x 12) /100.

Is Da arrears will be paid?

The government has decided not to pay the arrears of the dearness allowance hike. Jaideep Bhatnagar, the principal spokesperson of the Indian government and principal director general of Press Information Bureau, said that no arrears for the period from 01.01. 2020 till 30.06. 2021 shall be paid.

Will govt employees get arrears of DA?

The employees and pensioners have not received any DA arrears from January 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. The hike in the DA will come as a relief and serve as a financial boost to both, serving government employees as well as pensioners, said Amrita Tonk, partner, L&L Partners.

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