Question: Is Destiny 2 losing content?

Destiny 2 is losing access to four of its planets— Mars, Io, Titan and Mercury, and all of the PvE content that is associated with these worlds. This removes most of the Free-to-Play content, like the original Red War campaign, along with the Curse of Osiris and Warmind campaigns.

Do you lose everything in Destiny 2?

Nope. Your progress is accessed through your account and saved server side. You can safely uninstall and re-install without any worry.

Is Destiny 2 No campaign anymore?

Unfortunately, Destiny 2 is in shambles after Bungies content vaulting. The following three campaigns are no longer available: Destiny 2 Red War Campaign (base game) Destiny 2 Expansion I: Curse of Osiris.

What happens if I delete destiny?

Deleting a character in the Destiny series is always a big deal. Not only will you lose any equipment that character has on them, youll also lose any time that youve invested into that character as well.

How does collections work Destiny 2?

The Collections screen is precisely what its name implies; it keeps track of every single piece of gear youve acquired and stores it in your Collections. When you pick up a new gun or decrypt a new piece of armor, it will be recorded here, along with all its details, lore, perks, and more.

Should I delete old guns Destiny 2?

Good news: you can go ahead and delete that stuff. Director Luke Smith says that the game will scrape your account to find out what youve acquired over the years, so theres no need to have it sitting in your vault when Transmog arrives.

Can you buy exotics from collections?

Two tabs over to the left of inventory is collections. From there, you can see all your weapons, armor, exotics, etc. that you have obtained, and ones that you havent.

How do you get exotics from collections?

0:052:18Destiny 2 - Forsaken How to Redeem Exotics from Collections ! - YouTubeYouTube

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