Question: What is the relationship between Shinobu and Giyuu?

Shinobu Kocho Giyu and Shinobu are both Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. They have opposite personalities and initially seem to be at odds with each other. Giyu was shocked when she claimed he just had a grudge on her for saying the others hated him. Giyu and Shinobu are both Hashira

The Haori used by Giyuu is exactly the same as the Haori used by Sabito to remember Sabitos death. Giyuu and Sabito have a pretty dark past, in which both of their family was killed by the demon and they exchanged stories about the incident until they became best friends.

Can Giyuu beat Sabito?

Sabito was indeed stronger than Giyu. He spent the entire final selection saving his fellow demon slayers. Giyu admitted that if Sabito survived the exam, hed likely be the Water Pillar instead. In chapter #131, Tanjiro became tasked with convincing Giyu to participate in the Pillar Training sessions.

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