Question: How many rooms does the Four Seasons Lanai have?

Four Seasons Resort Lanai currently houses 213 guest rooms, including 45 private suites.

How many rooms does Senseai Lanai have?

92 rooms The 92 rooms and four suites are understated and light-filled with neutral cream, tan and white tones. Many even face the gardens.

Does Four Seasons Lanai have a beach?

The Four Seasons Lanai is packed with features, including two pools, a beautiful beach, nine bars and restaurants, a Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course, a Kids for All Seasons kids club, and freebies such as Wi-Fi, valet parking, snorkel gear, and shuttles to Lanai City.

When was the Four Seasons Lanai built?

1991 Four Seasons Resort Lanai/Opened History: Island of Lanai is a former pineapple plantation that once produced up to 75% of the worlds pineapple supply. Opened 1991, managed by Four Seasons since 2005, transformed to a wellness retreat 2019.

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