Question: Who did Hideki Matsuyama marry?

Perhaps well learn a little more about Matsuyamas life off the course, including his wife, Mei, and daughter, Kanna, if wins this Masters. Of course, happy about the family, he replied. But golf is golf. Once we get on the golf course, thats what Im thinking about.

Is Ryo Ishikawa still playing golf?

2 in the world rankings, the highest ever for a Japanese player. Ishikawa is playing at Harding Park this week because the PGA issued him a “special invitation” after he had three wins in Japan last year to jump back into the top 100 in the world rankings. (He finished the year at No. 80 and is currently 97th.)

Does Anthony Kim still play golf?

Once hailed as US golfs next big thing, Kim was a part of the 2008 winning Ryder Cup team, where he smashed Sergio Garcia 5 and 4. Before the age of 25 he had three PGA Tour wins under his belt and finished third at the 2010 Masters. The golfer is currently living as a “recluse” in Dallas.

How old is Patrick Cantlay?

29 years (March 17, 1992) Patrick Cantlay/Age

Has a Chinese ever won a golf major?

First Asian Major Winner in Mens Golf: Y.E. Just like Higuchi on the LPGA Tour, Yang won only twice on the PGA Tour. In 2009, he won The Honda Classic in March. Then, in August, Yang got the better of Tiger Woods in a fourth-round battle to win the 2009 PGA Championship.

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