Question: Is there a meteor shower in January 2021?

2021 will be a lackluster year to see the annual Quadrantid meteor shower during its sharp peak overnight on Saturday (Jan. 2) and into the early morning hours of Sunday (Jan. 3). A lot of meteor showers last days — the Quadrantids last a few hours, NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke told

Is there a meteor shower tonight January 2021?

January 3, 2021, before dawn, Quadrantids The Quadrantids can produce over 100 meteors per hour in a moonless sky, but the narrow peak of this shower lasts only a few hours and doesnt always come at an opportune time.

What time is the meteor shower January 2021?

The Quadrantids are capable of producing some bright fireballs, so you might catch a few meteors in spite of the moonlight. That said, in 2021 the International Meteor Organization gives the peak as January 3 at 14:30 UTC.

Where do I look to see the Quadrantid meteor shower?

northeast quadrant Regardless of where you live, the morning of January 3rd 2021, will offer the best chance of seeing any Quadrantid activity. The best strategy to see the most activity is to face the northeast quadrant of the sky and center your view about half-way up in the sky.

What are the meteor showers for 2021?

Meteor Showers of 2021Quadrantids | January 2–3, 2021. Lyrids | April 21–22, 2021. Eta Aquarids | May 4–5, 2021. Delta Aquarids | July 28–29, 2021. Perseids | August 11–13, 2021. Draconids | October 8–10, 2021. Orionids | October 20–21, 2021.13 Sep 2021

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