Question: Can I sell heroes in Hero Wars?

How do I sell my Swgoh account?

After having access to the dashboard of your account, head over to the section dedicated to selling accounts and choose a payment method. Post your offer, add all the account details and put it up for sale.

Can I transfer my hero Wars account?

How do I transfer my hero Wars account? You can sync your account by going to the Settings tab on the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Android: Your account progress can be synced and thereby saved to Facebook or Google Play Games.

How much money does Star Wars galaxy of heroes make?

According to data obtained by (via Sensor Tower), Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has generated 1.2 billion in lifetime revenue, whereas Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, Star Wars: Force Arena, Star Wars: Uprising and Star Wars: Rebels: Recon Missions have all obtained $23,747,000 from joint total player spending.

How do you make a new account on Hero Wars?

How do I change my hero Wars account?First, go to your current account settings:Make sure that these two options are unchecked:Then, go to your current Google Play Game profile by clicking on your avatar:Click on your current email in your profile:Create a new account:Jun 2, 2021

How do I transfer my hero wars from iOS to Android?

To transfer your hero between iOS and Android devices, in the game go to More > Settings > Manage Account and then to Link Device. You then will be guided through the whole process of linking a device.

AndroidLaunch Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.Tap the Settings cog icon.Tap Connect.Tap Sign in with Google Play. If the button says Sign out with Google Play, then youre already signed in and linked.When asked, choose the account you want to use.Enter the login info for the Google Play account that you want to use.Mar 23, 2020

How do I transfer my Star Wars galaxy of Heroes account?

If you want to move your account across devices with the same operating systems, link with the Game Center on iOS or the Google Play Store on Android, then log in with the linked account on the new device. You can only link a game account to one Google Play or Game Center login.

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