Question: Why should I play clash Royale?

Its a smart game, and its a tough game: theres the real sense that the right strategy can topple any player, and theres satisfaction even in being outsmarted by a talented opponent. Its worth a play for anyone who likes tactics and strategy, and its fun to get such deep gameplay on the small screen.

Is clash Royale a good game?

Clash Royale is in my mind the best mobile game made to date. The game can be simply described as a four-minute emotional rollercoaster packed onto your phone. Its a game that is extremely easy to pick up and also extremely easy to quit.

Should I let my child play clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a follow-up to the popular game, Clash of Clans. The app is free to download from iTunes and Google Play, though it feature in-app purchases. This app is rated for everyone aged 10+ and is safe for kids.

What card does the most damage in clash Royale?

The Golem is one of the most expensive elixir costing cards in the game, but its also one of the strongest. The Golem can attack units and deal heavy damage to buildings and Towers.

Why do I keep getting bots in clash Royale?

For the changes to bots under 4,000 trophies, its likely that they were created by Supercell to ease beginners into the game and quicken matchmaking time, but reduced game quality. Bots only appear in matches lower than a 4,000-trophy average level.

Why am I losing 30 trophies Clash Royale?

Why do I lose 30+ trophies when i lose to someone a higher level than me?! Matchmaking is based entirely on trophies and the amount you win or lose trophies is dependent on how far apart trophy wise you and your opponent are. It seems to only go up or below ~200 of your trophy count.

Is Clash Royale better than Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is offering real-time strategic gameplay and is considered an action mixed strategic game as well. On the other hand, Clash Royale is a Tower Defense video game that seems more likely to a Tower Defense game.

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