Question: Why do Koreans bow when saying hello?

Just like many Asian countries, bowing is a big part of greetings in Korea. Its a way to show respect, say hi, thank you, and bye. Its also used for jesa (제사), which is a traditional Korean ceremony that respects ancestors. Also, men will do this to their fiances parents when they ask for their hand in marriage.

Do Koreans bow when they say hello?

The bow is the traditional Korean greeting, although it is often accompanied by a handshake among men. To show respect when shaking hands, support your right forearm with your left hand. South Korean women usually nod slightly and will not shake hands with Western men.

What does it mean when you bow in Korea?

In modern times, however, bowing in Korea is a part of everyday life. It is sometimes nothing more than a little gesture to go along with a thank you or excuse me. To make a polite bow, simply lower your upper body by about 15 degrees as a sign of courtesy.

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