Question: What box will BTS open in 2039?

Meanwhile, BTS handed over a time capsule in a purple box to President Moon for the youth which will be opened 19 years from now on the 20th National Youth Day, i.e. September 17, 2039.

Why BTS will open the box in 2039?

To those who are confused, since BTS is South Koreas pride, they have a capsule/purple box that contains their achievements since 2013 until the next next year. They will open it at 2039 together with armys so we better stay until the end with BTS.

What is the purple box of BTS?

After this, BTS handed over a purple box with BTSs logo on it. It is said that box has been filled with items that members belatedly picked out. “In celebration of the first Youth Day in Korea, we put together a special gift to the youth of the future.

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