Question: Can I use regular vinegar to make sushi rice?

Can I use regular vinegar for sushi rice?

Try using white vinegar. White vinegar is a common choice because it has the same intense flavor as rice vinegar. Both ingredients add a kick to sushi rice without taking away from the unmistakable taste. White vinegar also prevents bacteria from growing on the sushi.

Can you make rice vinegar from white vinegar?

Use half the amount of red wine or distilled white vinegar as you would rice vinegar. Splash in a few tablespoons of water, and a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, and your dressings and marinades wont know the difference.

Does adding vinegar to rice reduce sugar?

Among mixed meal foods, the combination of carbohydrate foods with vinegar, dairy products, and bean products significantly decreased the GI value of white rice of 20–40%. The reduction of GI occurred whether the foods were taken together, before or after rice intake.

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