Question: What size bouncy castle do I need?

As a rough guide, a 12ft x 12ft inflatable will need 20ft x 24ft clear space. For slides and combi castles, the required space will be larger.

What size is a normal bouncy castle?

12ft by 12ft WHAT IS THE SIZE OF A STANDARD BOUNCY CASTLE? The most common size for a bouncy castle is 12ft by 12ft or 12ft by 15ft but this is the size of the bouncy castle not the size of area that the bouncy castle requires. You will need extra space for the fan, blower tube, Safety mats, impact area, anchor pegs, etc...

How many children fit on a bouncy castle?

Q: How many children can fit in a bouncy castle? A: Generally speaking, between 4 to 8 children at one time.

How much space do I need for a bounce house?

Most bounce houses will require at least 15 feet of clearance vertically, and most larger bounce houses can need as much as 20 feet. One of our largest requires at least 22 feet, while small-scale bounce houses might only need ten feet.

Do you need a generator for a bouncy castle?

Bouncy castles and inflatables usually run from a normal household electricity socket. For most back gardens and events in halls or community centres, this is fine. However, if your event is more than 45m from a source of electricity you will need a petrol fan or generator to power your bouncy castle or inflatables.

Should I put a tarp under my bounce house?

Before you roll out your bounce house, you should lay out a tarp on the ground thats large enough to completely separate the bounce house from the grass. Your tarp keeps the underside of your bounce house clean and dry during operation.

Can you put a bounce house on uneven ground?

Its recommended that a bounce house be set up on completely level terrain, but up to a 5 percent slope can still work. The more sloped the terrain is, the higher chances of the bounce house tipping over.

Does bouncy castle use a lot of electricity?

The simple answer to this is YES! Bouncy castles are powered by an electric fan which constantly pumps air into the inflatable with excess air leaving via the seams. There are however 2 types of inflatables available, they are called sealed air units and continuous flow units.

Does a bouncy castle have to be on a flat surface?

A Flat surface: The bouncy castle needs to be set up on a roughly flat surface. It doesnt need to be perfect but a slope will not work. A Clean Area: The set-up area for the bouncy castle needs to be clean and free of sharp objects (rocks, glass, …).

Are bouncy castles Safe?

Putting fun aside, bouncy castles do expose your kids to a level of danger. According to emergency room data, more than 40% of kids injuries result from these so its justified to be asking are bouncy castles safe. As children enjoy laughing and jumping around, there are high chances of colliding.

How do you cool down a bounce house?

Steps To Dry Out A Bounce House:Wipe water off with a towel.Dry out seams and in-between flaps and areas.Partially open any zippers.Remove water from inside with towel.Let bounce house air and sun dry for 5 hours.

Will a bounce house ruin my lawn?

A bounce house or other commercial inflatable unit, which is usually set up in the summer more than any other season, can compound those issues if set up for too long. The good news is that bounce houses rarely cause lawn damage, and any small amount of harm they do cause is very easily reversed.

How long does it take for a bounce house to dry?

4 to 6 hours The bounce house will need to be set up to air and sun dry for 4 to 6 hours. When letting it air dry, make sure and remove any standing water and partially open the zipper holes.

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