Question: Where are Sepultura from?

When did Sepultura come out?

Beneath the Remains, the first album from the bands contract with Roadrunner Records, was released in 1989, followed by Arise in 1991 and Chaos A.D. in 1993. Sepulturas best-selling album Roots, was released in 1996 and debuted at number 27 on the Billboard 200....Sepultura discographyMusic videos21EPs4Singles215 more rows

What is a Sepultura?

Noun. sepultura f (plural sepultures) burial. grave (excavation for burial)

What band sounds like Sepultura?

Similar ToCavalera Conspiracy.Fear Factory.Soulfly.Dorsal Atlântica.Entombed.Overdose.Pantera.Ratos de Porão.

What genre is Soulfly?

Death metal Groove metalRock Soulfly/Genres Musical style. Soulfly have been described as nu metal, thrash metal, groove metal, and death metal. Soulfly originally played nu metal but moved away from the genre after the early 2000s. Soulfly often incorporate elements of world music such as tribal music and Middle Eastern music into their music.

Who is the singer for Soulfly?

Max Cavalera Soulfly/Singers Soulfly is an American heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed by vocalist and rhythm guitarist Max Cavalera following his departure from Sepultura in 1997, the group originally included lead guitarist Jackson Bandeira, bassist Marcelo Cello Dias and drummer Roy Rata Mayorga.

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