Question: How big should a cat enclosure be?

The length of the catio should be one and a half times the width. The height of the catio should allow your cat to stand with its tail in the air but without touching the top of the catio.

How much outdoor space do cats need?

There is no specific formula that can be used to calculate the exact amount of space a cat needs, and differing cats will have different needs. But it is generally thought that a cat requires an absolute minimum of 18 sq. feet of total living space.

How much space do you need for 3 cats?

The ASPCA recommends allowing 18 square feet of space per cat. So, if you need to house multiple cats, youll need to provide extra space. The most important thing for a cat is zoning. Even the largest home can make a cat feel uncomfortable, especially if its open plan with few hiding spots.

Do cats need a Catio?

Cats are solitary hunters and territorial by nature. While your cat may learn to share indoor space with another cat, they likely still enjoy some time to themselves. A catio is an attractive way to add more territory and stimulation to help reduce conflicts and behavioral problems with other pets in your household.

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