Question: Who killed himari wonder egg priority?

However, Himari died on her fourteenth birthday by having her left wrist slit in the bathtub, but while it was believed to be a suicide, no note was found. Acca and Ura-Acca suspect that Frill was in some way involved in her death.

How did himari die?

But on the same night, Himari committed suicide in the bathtub for no apparent reason. It is obvious that Frill somehow controlled her actions because Himari made a pop sound with her lips on the night she died, just like Frill used to do.

Who does Frill kill wonder egg priority?

Wonder Egg Priority: What Happened to Frill? When Frill killed Accas pregnant wife and revealed no remorse for her actions, Accas reaction was to lock her in a box and forget about her for fourteen years, as long as it took for his daughter Himari, who survived her mothers death, to grow into adolescence.

Did Frill die wonder egg priority?

Frill is the main antagonist of the 2021 original anime series Wonder Egg Priority. Despite being designed as a perfect daughter, Frill programming was faulty and she went insane with jealousy as a result of neglect after one of her creators got married and had a real daughter.

Why did Frill kill in wonder egg priority?

Frill seems to lack the ability to properly develop empathy. Her obsessive and envious nature culminates when Acca and Ura-Acca both begin to turn their attention away from her, causing her to resort to murder.

How did wonder egg priority end?

Then one day, Ai makes an impulsive decision and hurries to Acca and Ura-Acca for more eggs. Despite her uncertain chances, she wants to try and save Neiru, and the episode ends with Ai choosing to fight.

Will there be an episode 13 of Wonder Egg Priority?

Well, lets find out in episode 13, “My Priority.” Its important to know that Wonder Egg Priority Episode 13 is a double-length episode. This means instead of the typical twenty-four-minute episode, its a hefty forty-three, which leaves a lot of room to cram in the plot.

Does AI love Mr Sawaki?

Ai vehemently denies that she has any feelings for Mr. Sawaki, but her reactions may be due to confusion rather than disgust. Since she is still unclear about the circumstances of Koitos death and has acted hostile towards Mr. Sawaki because of this, it is hard to get over her own doubts.

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