Question: Is there a second Dawn of the Dead?

Dawn of the Dead has also built its own fanbase, which was left wanting a sequel, more so as the movies ending left the fate of the surviving group members unknown, but Dawn of the Dead 2 never happened.

How many Dawn of the Dead movies are there?

Dawn of the Dead was followed by four official sequels, beginning with 1985s Day of the Dead, and a separate series of unofficial Italian-made sequels, beginning with 1979s Zombi 2. It has also inspired a 2004 remake directed by Zack Snyder, as well as numerous parodies and pop culture references.

What movie came after Dawn of the Dead?

Night of the Living Dead II The latest installment of the series, Survival of the Dead, was released in 2009, with another sequel, Night of the Living Dead II in development....Crew.CrewCinematographyFilmNight of the Living Dead (1968)George A. RomeroDawn of the Dead (1978)Michael GornickLand of the Dead (2005)Mirosław Baszak7 more columns

Why is there no Dawn of the Dead 2?

Snyder has already explained that, while he developed Army of the Dead after Dawn of the Dead, it was never meant to be a sequel, and he needed another origin story in order to make it work. Army of the Dead, then, is not the second part of Dawn of the Dead, and is instead considered a “spiritual successor”.

Who is the villain in Day of the Dead?

Captain Henry Rhodes, also known as H-Rhodes, is the main antagonist of George A. Romeros 1985 zombie horror film Day of the Dead.

Why cant you stream Dawn of the Dead 1978?

Romeros 1978 horror classic Dawn of the Dead is unavailable to stream digitally on any of the major services this year. While reasonably priced used DVDs can be found online — the film is currently out of print in disc formats — some collector sets and Blu-rays fetch up to $150.

Is the Zombie pregnant in Army of the Dead?

The original zombie, Zeus, is the zombie king, and after his queens death, its revealed that she was pregnant. We had a hell of a lot of fun asking ourselves all those questions. Even the zombie baby was a thing that we all debated for a while, Snyder added.

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