Question: What percentage of COD is BOD?

the standard ratio BOD:COD is as 0.6:1.0 (BOD is about 60%of COD) in standard raw communal wastewater in Europe.

What is the ratio of BOD to COD?

The corresponding BOD/TOC ratio for untreated wastewater varies from 1.2 to 2.0....Type of wastewaterBOD/CODBOD/TOCAfter primary settling0.4 – 0.60.8 – 1.2Final effluent0.1 – 0.30.2 – 0.51 more row

How do you determine COD from BOD?

To establish the COD:BOD ratio for your wastewater, simply have both COD and BOD run on several wastewater samples. Divide the COD concentration by the BOD concentration for each sample and average the results.

How much higher is COD than BOD?

In the case of biodegradable organics, the COD is normally in the range of 1.3 to 1.5 times the BOD. When the result of a COD test is more than twice that of the BOD test, there is good reason to suspect that a significant portion of the organic material in the sample is not biodegradable by ordinary microorganisms.

What is BOD COD?

The biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) represents the amount of dissolved oxygen (DO) consumed by biological organisms when they decompose organic matter in water. The chemical oxygen demand (COD) is the amount of oxygen consumed when the water sample is chemically oxidised.

Can you convert COD to BOD?

Typically, the average BOD result is divided by the average COD result to find a conversion factor between the two parameters. One would then multiply their COD results by this factor to estimate BOD. COD values are almost always higher than BOD values for the same sample.

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