Question: How was human error involved in Fukushima?

The accident occurred at the Fukushima plant - the report notes in its conclusions - is the result of collusion between government, the regulatory agencies and TEPCO (the company operating the six reactors). The combination of their negligence betrayed the Japanese nations right to be safe from nuclear accidents.

What went wrong with Fukushima?

What happened at Fukushima? Systems at the nuclear plant detected the earthquake and automatically shut down the nuclear reactors. But soon after a wave over 14 metres (46ft) high hit Fukushima. The water overwhelmed the defensive sea wall, flooding the plant and knocking out the emergency generators.

What caused the most damage to Fukushima?

An earthquake and tsunami led to power loss in the Fukushima Daiichi plant. Without power, the cooling systems failed in three reactors, and their cores subsequently overheated.

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