Question: How do you care for hollyhocks after flowering?

Hollyhock flowers can be removed when they fade and stalks can be cut back after flowering. This will prevent seed heads from forming and reseeding. Although, if youd like to have seeds set for next spring, leave the flowers and a few stalks until the seeds have dropped.

What do you do with hollyhocks when they have finished flowering?

How and When to Deadhead Hollyhocks. Removing spent hollyhock blooms is pretty simple: just pinch or clip off those that have faded and finished flowering, before the seed pod forms. You can do this throughout the growing season. Pinch off spent blooms and dead leaves regularly to promote more growth and flowers.

Do hollyhocks need to be cut back?

Hollyhocks are short-lived flowers. Although pruning is not required for healthy plants, cutting back the stalks after they flower can encourage them to bloom more than once in a season, advises the University of California Master Gardeners of Napa County.

How do you keep hollyhocks blooming all summer?

When you see a dead bloom on the plant, you simply grab the stem of the flower below the dead flower and pinch it off of the plant. You can also use gardening sheers if you prefer, but pinching it off works well. Always cut the stem above where new blooms are forming to ensure that the plant continues to flower.

When should hollyhocks be cut back?

No pruning is required, just remove any leaves that are heavily infected with rust disease through the summer and cut down the flower spikes when the flowers have faded. Hollyhocks are easy to grow from seed and will readily self-seed in your garden.

Do hollyhocks need a lot of watering?

Watering: Provide regular water and keep soil moist for starting hollyhocks. However, once well established, they are fairly drought tolerant. Water from below and avoid wetting the foliage, as this can lead to diseased leaves.

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