Question: Who does Nana Mizuki voice?

Nana Mizuki is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Hinata Hyuga, Anne Takamaki, and Tsubasa Kazanari.

What is Nana Mizuki famous for?

Nana Mizuki (水樹 奈々, Mizuki Nana, born January 21, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress, singer and narrator from Niihama, Ehime. She is represented by the agency Sigma Seven. Mizuki was trained as an enka singer, releasing one single under her birth name, Nana Kondō, in 1993 and made her debut as a voice actress in 1996.

Who Voices Japanese Hinata?

Ayumu Murase Ayumu Murase (村瀬 歩; born December 14, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA) is a Japanese voice actor. Hes known for voicing: Allen Walker in D. Gray-man: Hallow, Joker in Mysterious Joker and Shōyō Hinata in Haikyū!!.

Who voices Mizuki English?

Micah Solusod is the English dub voice of Mizuki in Kamisama Kiss, and Nobuhiko Okamoto is the Japanese voice.

Who did Alexis Tipton voice?

Alexis Tipton is a voice actress known for voicing Moka Akashiya, Kurumi Tokisaki, and Kongou.

Who married Mizuki?

A day after Japanese voice actress Nana Mizuki announced her marriage on Tuesday (July 7), voice actress Kana Hanazawa followed suit and said she would also be tying the knot. Her husband-to-be is fellow voice actor Kensho Ono, 30.

Who voices shinomiya in kiss him not me?

Justin Briner as Hayato Shinomiya.

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