Question: What did Aum Shinrikyo do?

The radical religious group Aum Shinrikyo was founded in Japan in the 1980s and grew rapidly in the 1990s. Aum members perpetrated a mass murder in Matsumoto City in 1994, where they used sarin as a chemical weapon to poison approximately 500 civilians.

What were the beliefs of Aum Shinrikyo?

Aum Shinrikyo, whose name means supreme truth, began in the 1980s as a spiritual group mixing Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, later working in elements of apocalyptic Christian prophesies. The groups founder, Shoko Asahara, declared himself to be both Christ and the first enlightened one since Buddha.

Why did the twin towers fall?

They determined the fires to be the main cause of the collapses, finding that sagging floors pulled inward on the perimeter columns, causing them to bow and then to buckle. Once the upper section of the building began to move downwards, a total progressive collapse was unavoidable.

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