Question: What do engineers do in Frostpunk?

Overview. A vital resource and skilled with their hands, Engineers are a necessity to keep New London in good shape. They are most frequently employed at specialty Buildings, Medical Posts, and the Workshop. Choose how you assign your Engineers carefully, as they are not as common as workers.

How do you get the engineer in Frostpunk?

Youll need to research the Beacon technology and then build one. Then, youll need to form an expedition team and send them out to outlying locations. Once they get there, theres a chance theyll meet up with some survivors. Always choose to escort them back to your city so that you ensure theyll be okay.

How do you increase workers in Frostpunk?

The main and easiest way to unlock new workers is by doing expeditions. To start doing expeditions, you will need to build the Workshop, which will allow you to unlock the technology tree. Under the exploration & industry tab, unlock the beacon.

Do people breed in Frostpunk?

You cannot build, breed, clone, or summon new people into your community like you can in other games. You can recruit people you find in the wild, but for the most part the people you start with are the people you end the scenario with. Its important to keep them alive and healthy as they are a valuable resource.

Can amputees work Frostpunk?

Amputees. Amputees are typically only encountered as the result of Radical treatment, frostbite, or a rare event. They cannot work in this form unless given a Prosthetic. It takes a long time for amputees to be treated.

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