Question: How can I make bulgogi?

How is bulgogi traditionally cooked?

Bulgogi is traditionally grilled, but pan-cooking has become popular as well. Whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions and chopped green peppers are often grilled or fried with the meat. Many Koreans have their own gas indoor grill that they use to cook bulgogi and other marinated dishes on holidays.

What cut of meat is used for bulgogi?

Korean beef bulgogi is not hard to make, but—like any recipe thats all about the marinade—youve got to plan ahead. In a perfect world, youd want to marinate the steak—rib-eye or sirloin steak are the best cuts to use for this bulgogi recipe—a day before grilling.

What is bulgogi marinade made of?

soy sauce Traditionally the marinade sauce is made from soy sauce (jin ganjang), mirin or cooking rice wine, Asian pear, garlic, sugar and/or honey, sesame oil, sesame seeds and black pepper. Asian Pear is the traditional Korean tenderizer of choice for bulgogi recipes and rule of thumb is 2 Tbs grated pear for 1 lb of meat.

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