Question: Are husky voices attractive?

Its official! A deep husky voice in men and a high-pitched breathy voice in women is perceived as most attractive, a new study has found. But surprisingly, female listeners also preferred male voices that are breathy, which presumably softened the aggressiveness associated with a large body size.

Is husky voice a compliment?

Husky is more of a compliment. A husky voice is a usually attractive or sexy. It is low (deep) and a little rough. Some singers have husky voices.

Is my voice husky?

If you are hoarse, your voice will sound breathy, raspy, or strained, or will be softer in volume or lower in pitch. Your throat might feel scratchy. Hoarseness is often a symptom of problems in the vocal folds of the larynx.

What does a husky voice mean?

big and strong; burly. (of the voice) having a semiwhispered vocal tone; somewhat hoarse, as when speaking with a cold or from grief or passion. like, covered with, or full of husks.

Why are scratchy voices attractive?

Husky voices are sexy. Research indicates that higher-pitched voices are thought to signal femininity and reproductive wellness, which is why men are allegedly drawn to them.

Can you lose your voice from not talking?

So, if you stopped speaking, the laryngeal muscle would atrophy, Lalwani writes in an email. The vocal cords would not be as taut. This condition, known as presbylaryngis, can reduce the volume of your voice, raise its pitch, make it sound hollow and just generally make it harder to speak.

What does husky stand for?

HUSKYAcronymDefinitionHUSKYHealth Care for Uninsured Kids and Youth (Connecticut)

Do men like girls with husky voices?

Husky voices signal sexual interest and can help women stand out from the crowd, say researchers. Perhaps less surprisingly, the study found men also drop their pitch when they meet women they are attracted to.

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