Question: What weapon did Zhao Yun get in the battle of Changban bridge?

Zhao Yun braves danger by fighting his way through enemy lines in search of Lady Mi and Adou. He encounters the enemy general Xiahou En, defeats him and takes Cao Caos prized Qinggang Sword from him.

Did Zhao Yun really save Liu Bei son?

Cao Cao personally led a 5,000-strong elite cavalry force to pursue Liu Bei. They caught up with Liu Bei at Changban and inflicted a devastating defeat on his forces. While Liu Bei abandoned his family and fled, Zhao Yun carried Liu Beis young son Liu Shan and protected Liu Beis wife Lady Gan (Liu Shans mother) ...

What happened to Zhao Yun?

He was famous for killing Han De and his sons in the Battle of Tian Shui in 228 AD, in a duel that lasted two minutes. Zhao Yun fell ill and died soon after this triumph in Hanzhong, the last of the Five Tigers to die, and the only one to die peacefully.

Can Zhao Yun defeat Lu Bu?

Although Zhao Zilong couldnt beat Lu Bu, he couldnt possibly lose badly. During the Three Kingdoms period, Zhang Feili fought Lv Bu for 100 rounds regardless of the outcome. This was the highest record of a military commander who fought Lv Fengxian alone.

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