Question: How do you protect yourself as a foster parent?

How can foster carers safeguard themselves?

Foster carers actively safeguard and promote the welfare of foster children. Foster carers make positive relationships with children, generate a culture of openness and trust and are aware of and alert to any signs or symptoms that might indicate a child is at risk of harm.

What are key safer caring issues for foster parents?

So the key to good, safer caring is about foster carers being aware of the risks involved for particular children in different situations and making well thought through decisions, in partnership with the childs social worker and the fostering service. Safer caring is all about being “risk-sensible”, not risk-averse.

What is a safer caring plan?

The purpose of the Safer Caring Plan is enable Foster Carers to consider potentially abusive or risky situations which may arise in the foster home, and to set out the arrangements within the foster home for minimising any such risks.

Do foster carers need a gas safety certificate?

Gas and Electrical Appliances and Supply You will be asked to produce safety certificates at the time of your foster carer review. If you rent your property, your landlord is responsible for this. You must have a copy of the certificate.

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