Question: What is insufficient paraphrasing?

Inadequate paraphrasing is when the words and phrases you are using are too similar to those of the original source. Good paraphrasing should demonstrate your understanding of the ideas from the original source, not simply re-state those ideas using a different arrangement of words.

What is an insufficient paraphrase example?

Changing the words of an original source and using the authors ideas with attempts to acknowledge the materials source(s), but without correct or adequate citation, is considered insufficient citation of paraphrase.

Is insufficient paraphrasing plagiarizing?

Incorrect paraphrasing is another way plagiarism can be present in an authors writing. Incorrect paraphrasing is usually when an author replaces just a word or two of a sources phrasing with synonyms. This type of paraphrasing does not show enough understanding and engagement with the text.

What is wrong with the paraphrase?

Paraphrasing of this sort is actually considered plagiarism in psychology. When you use information from a source, the goal is to put it entirely in your own words. Even when discussing someone elses ideas, the reader still assumes that you wrote your own unique sentences (even if you include citations).

Why is it hard for me to paraphrase?

Why is Paraphrasing Such a Problem? Paraphrasing or using more than a few direction quotations interferes with the flow of your own writing. It is often difficult for the reader to see how the paraphrased or quoted ideas fit with your broader discussion because they have not read the same source material you have.

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