Question: When making an emergency stop you should?

When making an emergency stop you must?

Squeeze the brake pedal firmly and fully to stop the vehicle as quickly and as safely as possible. It is preferable to use the clutch to stop the engine stalling or cutting out. In a real emergency situation, this will save time if you have to move on quickly.

How should you use ABS when you need to stop in an emergency?

Drivers of four-wheel ABS cars should step firmly on the brake in an emergency stopping situation and keep their foot on the pedal. In light trucks that are equipped with rear-wheel ABS, however, the front wheels can still lock up the same as with conventional brakes.

Which braking technique should you use if you need to make an emergency stop?

To brake in an emergency, follow these steps:Press firmly on the brake pedal to the point just before the wheels lock. If the wheels lock, release the brake pedal slightly to regain steering control.Press the brake pedal firmly again without locking the wheels.

What are two emergency braking techniques?

Controlled braking: With this method, you apply the brakes as hard as you can without locking the wheels. Stab braking: Use only on vehicles without anti-lock brake systems. Apply your brakes all the way. Release brakes when wheels lock up.

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