Question: Whats the difference between a wing and a spoiler?

Both wings and spoilers reduce up-lift at the tail of the vehicle, but use different mechanisms. Wings are airfoils designed to directly deflect air upwards and thus push the rear of the vehicle down. Spoilers are barricades to undesirable flows, and thus are able to reshape airflow streams around the vehicle.

Are wings and spoilers the same?

An automotive airfoil (wing) is shaped like an upside-down airplane wing — it deflects airflow upward to generate down-force on the rear of the vehicle. A spoiler is an obstruction to localized airflow that improves the overall airflow around a vehicle.

What is the wing of a car?

What is a car wing? This is perhaps the most obvious one. A wing is the big thing that sits on the back of many supercars including the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Its primary purpose is to create downforce. Since the wing is connected to the car it works to push those rear wheels into the ground and increase traction.

Do I need a spoiler?

Usually, spoilers are intended to increase downforce – they deflect air upward, which creates a downward force on the car, says Dr. But a spoiler only works if its cutting through the air at the correct angle, Agelin-Chaab adds. Factory-installed spoilers on higher-end sports cars are very effective.

Should you put a wing on your car?

Rear wings serve two main purposes: actually providing aerodynamic assistance, and style points. In fact, installing a rear wing on your car – which might only go as fast as 90km/h – may, in fact, increase drag on your car, raising fuel consumption. If youre fine with that, then, by all means please do install one.

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