Question: What does bechamel mean in French?

What does the word bechamel sauce mean?

white sauce Bechamel is a rich, pale-colored sauce made with milk. Another name for bechamel — or béchamel — is white sauce. Making a bechamel is a very basic technique in French cooking which begins with a roux, a cooked mixture of flour and butter, and after slowly whisking in milk, ends in a creamy sauce.

Where is bechamel sauce from?

France Béchamel sauce/Origins

Whats the difference between bechamel and white sauce?

What is the difference between white sauce, cheese sauce and Mornay sauce? Béchamel, white sauce, cheese sauce and Mornay sauce are all roux-based sauces. That means they are thickened with a roux, which is made with equal parts fat and flour cooked into a paste. White sauce is more simple.

What flour is best for a roux?

Flour: always use plain white flour. Self-raising flour has raising agent in and will leave your finished sauce with a slight taste of bicarb.

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