Question: When did Watermelon Sugar come out?

When did Watermelon Sugar come out as a single?

May 2020 After its official single release in May 2020, Watermelon Sugar re-entered the chart at number thirty-five; later ascending to a new peak of four in August 2020, becoming the second highest charting single from the album.

When did the music video for Watermelon Sugar come out?

Watch the whole sneak peek and youll find out that the Watermelon Sugar video will make its official debut Monday (May 18) at 12 p.m. ET.

Is Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles pop?

Harry Styles becomes the first member of One Direction to notch multiple No. 1s on Billboards Pop Songs radio airplay chart, as Watermelon Sugar ascends from No. Both songs are from his second solo LP, Fine Line, released on Erskine/Columbia Records.

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