Question: Who will marry Yukari Nejima?

Yukari Nejima is in love with his friend Misaki, but the government has decided that he will marry not the girl he loves, but a near- stranger named Lilina.

Who does Yukari Nejima end up marrying?

Ririna Sanada However, he is forced to be engaged with Ririna Sanada by the government marriage policy after confessing to Misaki.

What happens at the end of love and lies?

The official Twitter account for Musawo s Love and Lies manga revealed on Sunday that the manga will have two different endings: a marrying Misaki route and a marrying Ririna route. Musawo is taking a break to write the manuscript to make the ideal ending for the series.

Who chooses Nejima?

Yukari Nejima finally confesses his love to schoolmate and long-time crush Misaki Takasaki and discovers she has liked him back. However, when he turns 16, he is assigned another girl, Ririna Sanada.

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