Question: Will there be an ensemble stars Season 2?

Considering everything, it seems very unlikely that the anime will be returning for a season 2 anytime soon. In fact, the purpose of creating the anime was probably to promote the game itself. So we cannot really expect its renewal unless the game also gets a sequel.

What happened to ensemble stars?

On March 15, 2020, Ensemble Stars! was relaunched and was split into two separate games: Basic the original game with brand new story content; and Music, a brand new rhythm game.

What is ensemble star anime?

Yumenosaki Private Academy, a school that specializes in raising male idols. Hokuto Hidaka, Subaru Akehoshi, Makoto Yuuki, Mao Isara, together the four of them form the unit “Trickstar”, aiming to be the top idol, and undergoes lessons everyday.

Is eichi Tenshouin sick?

However, what makes him so contentious among his peers is that Eichi always opts for efficiency: being terminally ill, Eichi has very little time and very little experience with the world, and so he chooses the fastest—fastest being often the cruelest—path from A to B, as well as the path that offers him the most ...

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