Question: What documents should you take when evacuating?

Youll want to bring your drivers license, passport, health insurance cards, legal documents (birth certificates, social security cards, will, vehicle registration and ownership papers, marriage/divorce papers, etc.), financial records, such as bank account information, credit and debit cards, government benefits, ...

What are 5 documents you would need to take with you to survive after the emergency?

Back Up Important Documents for EmergenciesPersonal records (birth, marriage, divorce, adoption and death certificates)Passports, drivers licenses and other personal identification documents.Social Security cards.Property leases, deeds, mortgages and other related records (home and auto titles, etc.)

What must be done before starting evacuation?

What must be done before starting evacuation? The system must be recovered and evacuated. What are the four factors that affect the evacuation time? Size of the equipment being evacuated, ambient temp, amount of moisture in the system, and size of vacuum pump and suction line.

What is the importance of having emergency kits?

An emergency can happen in the form of a natural disaster, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, or from man-made causes, such as forest fires and gas explosions. The purpose of an emergency kit is to ensure the safety and survival of the person or persons using it.

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