Question: Is Ichigos Bankai weak?

1 INCREDIBLY WEAK: Ichigo Kurosaki — Tensa Zangetsu Ichigos original Bankai mightve been visually pleasing in a very minimal, but the Bankais power paled in comparison to some of the top dogs in Soul Society.

Why is Ichigos Bankai weak?

Why is Ichigos bankai so weak? Ichigos Bankai is very unique since it doesnt have any new special powers or effects. It “only” makes Ichigos normal fighting style more effective by making him faster and giving his stronger Getsuga.

Does Ichigos Bankai break?

Yeah this seems reasonable to me. Bashkim1234 wrote: Ichigo has lost his true abilities. When Ichigo´s sword was reforge he gain his true shikia and bankai, but when he his true bankai broke apart his original shikia was revealed, which is the lowest power Ichigo had now.

Why is Zangetsu so special?

Enhanced Strength: In his second Hollow form, Zangetsu is so strong that he can easily rip of Ulquiorras arm, even while the latter is in his second release state. Super-Fast Regeneration: Zangetsu also grants Ichigos body the ability to rapidly heal from any injuries it is dealt.

How long is Ichigos Bankai?

A typical Japanese sword has a length from the tip to the tsuba of around 27-29. The Ichigo Bankai sword, on the other hand, measures in at a whopping 49 (48 nagasa, as Japanese swords are traditionally measured from the back notch of the blade collar to the tip).

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