Question: Can you have tropical fish in cold water?

Tropical fish, for example, do best between 75° and 80°F, goldfish and other cold-water species prefer temperatures below 70°F, and temperate fish can be found in habitats that overlap tropical and cold-water realms. The problem is, as water warms up it holds less oxygen, which further stresses the fish.

Can you put tropical fish in a cold water tank?

Another side effect of keeping coldwater fishes at tropical temperatures is the much shorter lifespan that will arise due to the fish always being kept at unnaturally high metabolic rates. By keeping your coldwater fishes cool, they will enjoy a much longer, healthier life.

What happens to tropical fish in cold water?

Cold-water fish are prone to fungal infections and internal parasites. Look out for any physical changes in your fish – changes in colour, spots, bulging eyes or swelling are signs your fish may have a serious ailment that, if not treated, could infect the rest of the tank.

How long can Tropical fish last without a heater?

Fish in an optimally stocked tank can last for a period anywhere from 3 to 12 hours without power. Whereas, in an understocked aquarium, they can survive for up to a day or two. Even so, the same fish will start dying in 3 to 9 hours if the power goes out in an overstocked tank.

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