Question: What is Hilton Club priority?

By Hilton Club Priority reservations are a reciprocal 15-day exchange window where Owners at The Residences or The District may exchange into their property 75 days to 60 days before check-out using ClubPoints. By Hilton Club Priority exchange reservations may only be made using ClubPoints.

Is HGVC elite status worth it?

The value of Elite Status is not in monetary savings but more in the benefits. Unless you are planning on purchasing 14,000 points or more, you will not qualify for Elite Status regardless of whether you buy HGVC retail or resale. However, buying resale will always save you a considerable amount of money.

How far out can you book Hilton Grand Vacations?

When booking your home resort, you are able to book up to 12 months prior to your desired checkout date, and for any other club resorts you are able to book within 9 months of your checkout date.

How do I use my HGVC points?

10 Ways to Use Your Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPointsBook a cruise. Convert ClubPoints to Hilton Honors points. Pay for air travel or car rentals. Experience natural wonders. Take a guided adventure. Vacation from a houseboat. Sight see from a motorcycle. Journey in an RV. •Jun 6, 2018

How do I change my HGVC reservation?

If you are a hotel guest and booked via, you may change your reservation online at or by calling 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667).

What is Hilton Silver status?

If you stay at a Hilton property four separate times or 10 nights within a calendar year or collect 25,000 base points in a year, youll achieve Silver status. At this level, youll enjoy the same benefits awarded to basic members, plus every fifth night is free for standard room reward stays of five nights or more.

What are Hgvc points?

Instead of a traditional timeshare ownership package, HGVC points allow members of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club to make reservations at their home resort, other Hilton resorts, resorts affiliated with Hilton, or other resorts through RCI. With HGVC, your timeshare can take you all over the world.

How do I check my Hilton points?

Log into your Account Overview on and click on My Hilton Honors Card to download or print a copy of your card.

How do I cancel my HGVC timeshare?

If you need to make a cancellation, you may call the HGVC reservations phone number. In addition to being able to help you with booking and trading, the Hilton Club Counselors can assist you with canceling your reservation. If you prefer, you also have the ability to cancel your reservation online.

How much are Hilton Club points worth?

How much are Hilton points worth? Hotel points can be enjoyable to collect, but they typically arent worth much. Hilton Honors points are generally valued at 0.5 cents per point. This brings the value of 10,000 Hilton Honors points to roughly $50.

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