Question: How do I make two accounts on AFK arena?

How do I switch accounts on AFK arena?

How to switch between accounts. Click on your avatar in AFK Arena and go to “Account”. Click on the switch button (screenshot above). Download another game account using Facebook, Game Center (iOS) or Google (Android).

Can I play AFK Arena on multiple devices?

When it comes to unlocking the best heroes in AFK Arena, its much more feasible to summon with two or three accounts simultaneously, than with only one and rerolling when you dont get what you want. With the addition of the Multi-Instance Sync feature, however, rerolling has never been easier.

How do I find my AFK Arena UID?

hOW DO I REDEEM AFK aRENA CODES? Lilith has changed the in-game tool for redeeming codes to an external website. Heres how you do it: Head to this website and enter your UID (which can be found by tapping your character portrait in the top left when you open the game)

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