Question: How do you buy Nico Nico points?

How do you pay for Niconico?

From Nov 13, 2019, you can use PayPal to subscribe niconico paid channels. With PayPal, you can make payments using a variety of methods including:bank accounts, debit cards. That means you have more options than before and now we accept payment from overseas. easily and safely to enjoy the quality content!

How much is Niconico premium?

(1) Free membership which gives you some limits in viewing videos, etc; (2) Premium membership which ¥540/month which gives you priorities especially at video streaming and can be paid thru payment methods which are only available in Japan.

Do you have to pay for Niconico?

Until early 2019, users need to register an account to watch videos on Niconico. There are two types of registered accounts; free (basic tier) and premium (subscription) accounts. The premium membership fee is ¥550 per month or ¥6,600 per year. Niconico uses Google Ads and other web advertisements.

What does Niconico mean in Japanese?

Niconico or nikoniko is the Japanese ideophone for smiling.

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