Question: Can good girls return?

Good Girls Was Reportedly Canceled Due To Tension Between Two Stars. The NBC dramedys series finale airs July 22. Despite rumors earlier this year that NBC was planning to renew Good Girls for a shortened fifth and final season, news broke in late June that the series had been canceled.

Is this the last season of Good Girls?

Good Girls crime spree is coming to an end. NBC has canceled the drama starring Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman after four seasons. The show will end after the network airs its five remaining episodes between now and July.

Does Rio and Beth get together again?

Season 2, Episode 9 — “One Last Time” Determined to get out of the crime business, Beth decides to go out on one last robbery. And before she gets out of the game for good, she and Rio have sex again.

What happened on Good Girls?

Good Girls Officially Canceled After 4 Seasons at NBC Beth opted to live the criminal lifestyle shes become accustomed to, and leaves the series with a new power dynamic between her and Rio (Manny Montana). Sadly, Annie ends the show being hauled away in cuffs, leaving her fate sealed with a big question mark.

What was the ending of good girls?

Beth takes control Speaking of Beth, she gets the closest thing to a happy ending out of the three main characters. The final scene of the series sees her meeting with Rio on a park bench having abandoned her plans to move to Nevada.

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