Question: How do I trigger Ella musk quest?

When you successfully approach the hilichurl without waking the others, dialogue with it will automatically trigger. After the dialogue ends, Ella will immediately be in range to speak with for the last part of the quest; you dont need to move.

How do I start Ella musk quest?

Genshin Impacts Poetry Exchange quest is started by speaking with Ella Musk in the library within the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. After completing the preceding quests, shell give you a new way to communicate with the hilichurls via a few phrases.

How do you do the Yoshla quest in Genshin?

To unlock the Yo Dala? achievement in Genshin Impact, players must follow these simple steps. Players need to initiate the quest by talking to Ella Musk. Once the conversation ends, they will obtain a draft note mentioning Hilichurlian poetry.

How do I get the poetry exchange Quest?

Poetry Exchange is a Daily Commission quest in Genshin Impact, found in the Starfell Valley in Mondstadt. Daily Commissions can be accessed once you reach Adventure Rank 12 and complete the World Quest Every Day a New Adventure.

Where do I find Ella musk Genshin?

Ella Musk is an NPC in the City of Mondstadt. She can be found inside the Mondstadt Library. She is a scholar of Hilichurlian linguistics, as well as the older sister of Dr. Edith.

What does Ella musk say?

Ella Musk: Biat ye, ye pupu dada mosi! Plama ye upa dada!

Is Khaenriah a Teyvat?

Khaenriah (/ˈkɑːnriɑː/), also known as the Kingdom of Khaenriah, is an unreleased region. It is not part of the continent of Teyvat and is not under the purview of The Seven.

Is there a voice chat in Genshin Impact?

Best answer: Genshin Impact does not have built-in voice chat on any platform. While there is a text chat option, those wishing to play across systems and use voice chat will need to use third-party software like Discord.

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