Question: Where can I farm poetics?

Running dungeons, raids, or trials is the best way to farm poetics as well as level up a character or simultaneously farm for other items.

Where can I exchange tomes of poetics?

The primary poetics vendors are:Auriana in Revenants Toll in Mor Dhona (22.7, 6.6)Hismena in Idyllshire (5.7, 5.2) (gated behind the Heavensward main scenario quests)Enna in Rhalgrs Reach (13.8, 11.6) (gated behind the Stormblood main scenario quest)18 Jan 2019

Where do I get level 70 Poetics gear?

Level 70 Augmented Scaevan Armor, Accessories,and Weapons (Item level 390) from Enna in Rhalgrs Reach (x13. 8,y11. 6) and from Sundry Splendors Representatives in Kugane.

How do you get level 70 poetic gear?

Same place you buy them now (Rhalgrs Reach), only youll need poetics to do so not genesis or mendacity. Youll have to exchange them for poetics in Mor Dhona though. You will be able to buy 70 gear from NPC kugane, too.

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