Question: What is a cognitive test for driving?

A cognitive driver assessment predicts the quality of vehicle handling and identifies the risk level in healthy and more challenged individuals with different pathologies. The On-Road Evaluation is the worlds leading technology for providing fair and accurate information about the medically at-risk driver.

What is a cognitive driving assessment?

The Rookwood Driving Battery consists of a battery of simple neuropsychological tests designed to assess basic cognitive functions essential for safe driving. The test is for use with clients with any neurological condition which affects brain functioning (e.g. stroke, acquired brain injury, dementia etc).

What is a cognitive test for elderly?

It consists of a three-item recall test for memory and a scored clock-drawing test. The results are evaluated by a health provider to determine if a full-diagnostic assessment is needed. The Geriatric Depression Scale is brief survey instrument that can be used to initially assess depression in older adults.

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