Question: How did they catch Hannibal Lecter?

After Lecter is found living in Florence, Starling and Verger are desperate to catch Lecter. After Lecter brutally kills Rinaldo Pazzi, an associate of Verger, he returns to America. He is eventually captured by Vergers henchmen and brought to his pied de terre.

What episode does Hannibal Lecter get caught?

Hannibal season 1 episode 13 saw Will finally realize - way too late - the truth about his murderous psychologist. Hannibal Lecter made his debut in 1981 novel Red Dragon, where he had already been captured for his many crimes.

Do they catch Hannibal in the TV show?

No, it has to be Will Graham. Not only does this make the most sense in the shows thematic terms, but its what happened in the book.

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