Question: When did Gandalf get his ring?

He got it when he first arrived in Middle Earth. Cirdan gave it to him. So he had it for over 2000 years. He had it during the fight, which is what made the fight easier for him.

Who gave the ring of Fire to Gandalf?

In the Third Age, Círdan gave the ring to Gandalf for his labours. According to the Unfinished Tales, at the start of the War of the Elves and Sauron Celebrimbor gave Narya together with the Ring Vilya to Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor.

Why Gandalf has an elven ring?

As they were made to ward off the effects of time, at best the rings could give the wielder extra stamina and endurance, as Cirdan stated when he gave Narya to Gandalf. The ring was revealed on Gandalfs finger at the Grey Havens, where he bore it back to the Undying Lands and presumably kept it as a relic.

Does Gandalf use his ring?

Gandalf did use his ring. But because it was made by the Elves and Sauron had no input in their making, the Elven rings were not evil. Gandalf used it for good. It did not give him the power to become like Sauron.

Does Gandalf wear a ring of power in the movies?

Gandalf was given the ring by Cirdan not as a weapon, but a tool for his journeys. As I recall, he never wore it until the One Ring was destroyed, but even the possession of it increased his power, as is manifest in his frequent use of fire and smoke as vehicles for magic (Narya was the Ring of Fire).

Can Gandalf beat Smaug?

If Gandalf struck down Smaug there is a greater chance the battle would occur within Erebor itself and could be more easily hidden, allowing for the Dwarves to quietly return and reenforce their position within the Mountain.

What race is Gandalf?

Maia Gandalf/Ethnicity

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