Question: Why did Denji open the door for power?

Ultimately, that theory wasnt correct, for the door was a cover to Denjis worst secret. In opening his door, Makima revealed that, when he was a child, it was him who killed his father and not his father killing himself.

What was behind Denji door?

For Denji, this memory behind a door is the truth that his drunk, and likely abusive, father didnt commit suicide, but was killed by a young Denji.

Does Denji get with power?

The two become even closer in the process, as Powers afraid to even bathe or sleep alone. While in these typically intimate situations, Denji realizes he doesnt have any romantic or sexual feelings for Power.

Does Makima likes Denji?

However, for all the atrocities that she had committed towards Denji, it was then revealed that Makima herself had grown an infatuation towards the entity that was sealed in Denjis body, the Chainsaw Man, by admitting that she was a huge admirer towards the entity and its power and tries her best to make the entity ...

How did power save Denji?

Despite a seeming change of heart, Power rescues Denji by taking him and hiding in a dumpster. The two share an incredibly touching moment where Denji tries to claim hes already lived a good enough life to die, and without Power, it wont be the same.

Why is Denji special?

Denji, the hero of Tatsuki Fujimotos Chainsaw Man, is a character rapidly rising in popularity because of one thing: his simplicity. Denjis not much of a thinker and, while that makes him unique and fun, it also makes him a poorly equipped hero.

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