Question: What type of broiler is best?

If you want to raise broilers outdoors instead of in an indoor facility, red broilers make a good choice. As their name implies, these birds have feathering of various shades of red, and some have dark tails. Hens produce large brown eggs but wont go broody.

Which broiler is the best?

6 best breed of broiler in NigeriaCornish Cross Broilers. It is a fast-growing kind of chicken. Grinphield Marshall. Moyers K-22 (also called Red Broilers). Red Broilers. Roaster chicks (also called Moyers Broiler or Cornish Giants). Rosambro Broilers.Dec 21, 2018

How do I choose a broiler?

Select broilers with clean, smooth, non- ulcerated footpads, such as those shown here. Pin feathers, particularly those just coming through the skin. Discolored areas of skin caused by sunburn or raw skin resulting from inadequate feathers (i.e., “barebacks”).

What are the different types of broilers?

Hubbard chicken Broiler/Breeds

How good is Fidan broilers?

The cornerstone of the Arbor Acres brand is the highly successful Arbor Acres Plus. The Plus is bred to produce chicken efficiently through consistent parent performance, excellent broiler performance and good processing yield....FIDAN Broilers (Arbor Acres Plus)ColorYellowGenderMale or Female

Do Noiler birds lay eggs?

Eggs production – Noiler pullets should start laying eggs at five months old (some do this at four months). As soon as they begin their egg-laying session, Noiler layers can lay for a period of two years. Noiler eggs are extremely bigger and with dark-yellow yolk when compared with our local chicken.

What is the difference between broiler and Noiler?

Noiler is a hybrid of broiler and cockerel, thus, share desired traits of both broiler and cockerel. Unlike broiler chickens, Noiler chickens come in varying colors: black, white, yellowish, brown and grey patches. Noiler chicken is a fast-growing chicken; they consume more than other breeds but are good converter.

How much space do broilers need?

Provide 6 to 10 inches of feeder space and at least 4 square feet of space per chicken. If free ranging birds, offer 5 to 10 square feet of outdoor space per bird.

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