Question: How do Hawaiians cook their food?

With no fire-proof cooking utensils, Hawai- ians managed to boil liquids by dropping hot stones into a calabash, an oval wooden bowl which contained the liquid. Thus, certain foods were prepared by steaming. Most cooking, however, was done in the imu or underground oven, using no containers of any kind.

How did Hawaiians preserve food?

Drying and fermenting were the two techniques used in food preservation. Fresh foods were eaten at the start of the trip. Fishing along the way also supplemented food the voyagers brought with them. The Polynesians had to be excellent horticulturist also if they expected to survive once they got to land.

What spices are used in Hawaiian cooking?

Asian cuisine has strongly influenced Hawaiian cooking, and Five Spice is frequently used in Chinese dishes. It is a blend of equal amounts of five spices, which are most commonly fennel seeds, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and Sichuan pepper, although the blend can vary.

Is Uhaloa native to Hawaii?

Uhaloa flourishes in the tropics and warmer subtropics. In Hawaii it has adapted to habitats up to the 4,000-foot elevation.

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