Question: What is the most effective bat repellent?

Do ultrasonic bat repellers really work?

Ultrasonic bat repellent devices do work effectively to abate nuisance bat activity around a property. They are safe and eco-friendly, and do not harm wildlife or the surrounding environment.

How do you keep bats from roosting under eaves?

Fill a mesh bags with mothballs, and tie them to the eaves where the bats have been roosting. Mothballs are a chemical repellent, and their smell is unpleasant to bats.

Is it bad to have bats in your eaves?

Bats can carry the rabies virus, which is transmitted through their saliva and can be fatal to humans. However, if left undisturbed, bats present only a small threat to a homes human and animal inhabitants. Bats can be prevented from roosting in the eaves of a house through a variety of chemical and physical means.

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